Hi all!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season and is easing into the New Year smoothly!

There have been big changes on the site lately. Obviously the look of things has changed and it seems like everyone (including me!) is loving it! There are tons of new products all over the site. I hope everyone will look around and check it all out. I am constantly adding new items so the best thing to do is sign up for the mailing list and get updates when things change.

Market Days in Goliad starts again in March and I'm super excited. I hope that everyone out there realizes how important it is to support local merchants! Goliad is a fantastic venue for this but there are Market Days shows all over the place. I urge everyone to search your area for the shows near you! It's a fun way to spend a day and if you happen to buy something, well, at least the money stays closer to home! I also highly recommend the Kettle Corn! (found at most any market days or farmer's markets)

More to come...
Happy New Year!