As much as I'd love to get deep and wax philosophical on the beginnings of America and patriotic duties...I'd like more to just remind everyone that no matter your political affiliations, religious convictions, social status or lack of those...remember who is responsible for you to be FREE to have those beliefs, opinions and labels. Yes, the men who wrote the Declaration of Independence should be remembered, but I'm talking about the men and women who still to this day fight for our freedoms. Not our government. The suits making deals with devils shouldn't be touted when celebrating freedom. The men and women in uniform, the uniforms of old and of today, are the people who truly deserve our praise for giving us freedom. Because while picking up that pen and signing a name meant grave punishment, picking up a gun and saying "I will die for you" takes a whole lot more guts.

So, once again, to the men and women of the armed forces of the United States of America: Thank you

and Happy 4th of July.