We had such a good time this weekend!

Saturday night hubby and I got to go out on date night. It's been so long that we'd seriously forgotten what it was like to go somewhere without the kids! We went to see a fantastic play that my dad was starring in and had such a good time. The play was wonderful and it was so nice to do grown up things and see my brother and sister in law. The kids had a blast in our absence. Hubby's cousin's wife (and my good friend) came over and stayed with them while we were gone. They made candy, ate pizza, watched movies and drove her crazy with their super loud squealing while they were playing.

I spent Sunday doing a little decorating. I found some awesome fabric on clearance at Hobby Lobby the other day. I've been sloshing ideas around in my head for what I want to do with this house. I've got gobs of ideas and I'm anxiously patiently waiting to see if we'll buy the house before I start bombarding hubby with all the things I want to do. So, while I hold off on painting and redoing the floors, I'm trying to spruce things up here and there. I (with hubby's help) put the striped fabric up along the top border and then did the valance for the window over the sink and a curtain for the garage door that matches. I love the colors in these fabrics. I was originally going to do red, white and black in the kitchen, dining and living rooms (almost one big space). The burgundy, cream and black are much more "me" and a little less modern. I've got plenty more plans for the decorating and some fun ideas to go off of with these colors. For now, I'll be happy to get the border fabric up top on the other side of the kitchen tomorrow! And, no, I didn't bother to put away those dishes or that coffee cream or any of the other little things that may be out of place. We live in our house. Kids live in our house. It's clean but, not perfect! 

I started in a little more on the kids' room too. This toy box is almost as old as I am. My grandfather built it for me when I was really young and I'm so happy to be able to pass it down to my kids. One of the cool things about the toy box is that it's been covered and recovered so many times but, for some reason, no one ever took off the old fabric. So, it's got layers and layers of fabric that I can see on the inside and remember those times in my life. I've recovered it a few times for the kids and just keep adding on top of the fabric already there. Today I recovered it with Scooby Doo. Snappy is in love with that these days and TRex likes it too so I figured it would be perfect for the both of them!

I did put up a few more fun things on their main wall but, hopefully I will have the piece de resistance done in a few days and be able to take pics of what I'm working on for their windows.

We had a wonderful Sunday evening with the neighbors and friends eating fajitas and chatting while the kids played in the yard. I am loving that we get to enjoy things like that now that we live here! It was a really great weekend. Hope all of y'all had a good one too!