I was looking back through some old posts and realized that I start almost every single post with "Hey y'all". I also realized that all of my vlogs start the same way.

But, I guess that's me. It's natural. So, I'll go with it.

Hey y'all!

Every Sunday, the super fly Keely over at MannLand5 hosts a kickin' meme called "Getting to Know You".

I mentioned to Keely that I might vlog it this weekend.

I'm tired.

I'm sunburned.

My neck hurts.

Um, insert excuse here.

Ok, so, no excuses.

I'm a gal of my word.

Here ya go, folks.

Did ya see the sah-weet new button on the right hand sidebar?

It's for the Texas Blog Party that I'm throwin'!

The par-tay now has it's own page here at Lolidots. Click on that button or on the link at the top of this page. Or, you can click the button from Keely's blog! Yep, she's comin' to party on down! I'm so stoked.

The Blog Party page has info, a map, contact form, the button html and a linky for those who will be attending and want to link up!

Check it, yo!

The more, the merrier! We want to see all y'all (yes, I say that) there!