I did a giveaway earlier this summer for a product called Flings Bins. We used these really cool pop up trashcans when we had my kids' birthday party and they are seriously awesome. They are trashcan shaped trashbags that pop open and stand up like a trashcan but, when they are full, they cinch together at the top like regular trashbags and you just throw the whole thing away. They have different designs on them and they even have one for recyclables and the bin itself is recyclable. Very cool and I totally recommend them for parties.

So, Flings Bins emailed me and let me know about a sale they are having right now and it was so good that I wanted to share it with y'all as I am totally about to take advantage of this offer too!

Flings Halloween Special Promotion!

Flings is giving away 2 Flings Halloween bins for just a penny! Make your Halloween party the neatest and most convenient ever! Just pay regular shipping and handling of $5. Take a picture of the bin at your party (perhaps with you and your friends in costume), upload it to your Facebook page, link it to us, and we'll refund your shipping and handling onto your credit card. It's a scary good deal!

I think they are worth the regular cost of them, especially thinking about outdoor barbecues, outdoor kid parties or camping and things like that but, that was too good of a deal to keep to myself! Click HERE to get some Flings Bins. So, there ya go, folks!

And, while I'm being all sweet and sharing all this cool info with you, let me tell you about some sites I found recently that I'm totally addicted to.

Why am I addicted?

For those of you who know me/read me regularly, you'll remember that one of my favorite loves is....

Free stuff!

Seriously, I don't care if it's the kick ass bookcase that I got off the curb or a sample of cheese at the grocery store; I love me some free stuff!

These sites are loaded with links to free samples, free coupons and totally FREE STUFF!

Sweet Free Stuff
Free Mania

Who is totally hooking you up today?

That's right. I am!

I'll try and keep a list of any more coolness I find in the realms of free or near-free items and bring y'all more soon. Of course, the ultimate would be to just go with me and we'll hit some thrift stores and garage sales. Supah fun!

Alright, go get your free on!