Hey everyone! Well, the first Market Days of the year is upon us! Saturday I will be in Goliad, TX all day and am very excited. I'm a little worried about the weather but am keeping positive that it will be a nice day. What do those weathermen know anyway!?!

I've been working my bum off lately and have finally added all the new things to the website! I am now offering several different "lines" of products. I'm still loving all the one-of-a-kind things but thought it'd be nice to offer some matching sets.

The diaper pouches are turning out amazing!

All of them are fully lined and they are just so perfect to put a couple of diapers in and toss in the diaper bag. I'm really big on organization, especially in my diaper bag. It is such a big bag and it gets out of hand if I don't keep everything separated! Having a little bag just for the diapers is great. It's also nice to just throw that little bag in your purse or grab it to take in the store with you instead of the whole big diaper bag. So, I made the diaper pouches and then I wanted some more cute little pouches for my "Mommy stuff"! Then, wah lah...

The makeup bags are perfectly sized for makeup and keys or whatever little things get lost in the big bags! I love them! They are also fully lined and all the little pouches have velcro closures.

There are so many other new items on the site and I hope you'll all check it out! I also hope to see lots of you in Goliad on Saturday!