I found a new blog the other day (and then found his wife's blog so I'm doubly happy) and am jumping on the bandwagon of a new meme(if that's the right word). Feel free to join me, head over to This Daddy's Blog and check it out, leave me a comment with a link to your post or, if you don't have a blog, leave me a comment with your Final Thoughts!

 Friday's Final Thoughts:
Of all the places the laundry detergent could have landed, why the corner of it on the top of the most sensitive part of my foot? I guess the universe didn't want me to continue shopping.
Why does my daughter enjoy so much to sit in the rubbermaid tubs? If she likes that so much then why are we buying new toys for Christmas?
Why is my son's volume at a 20 in the store but, when he's trying to tell me something from the backseat of the car it's a 2?
Our Christmas cards that I did too late to mail, turned out great. Maybe I should send them out for Christmas in July?
Why will my child eat boogers but, not bread crust?
Why did I have containers of cookie sprinkles on a shelf where Snappy could reach them? Why was I surprised to clean up the entire container from her floor?

So, there are some final thoughts on my week. Along with this:
A child at rest will stay at rest...
until you get in the shower.

Have a great weekend!