Hey y'all!

Everyone excited about the weekend?

I'm really hoping that the weather this weekend is exactly like it is right now. Ohmygosh, it's gorgeous outside! I just love these pre-Summer Texas days! We are sooooo heading outside as soon as I post this!

If you don't know about 5 Question Friday, be sure to head over to Mama M's blog and play along! Wanna answer in the comments? Have at it! If you did a 5QF post, leave me the link! I love blog hopping!!

Sister Hazel - Change Your Mind

I know that's really random but, that song just came on my last.fm on the tv and it's one that I totally forgot about and I absolutely love and if you've never heard it, go listen now!

Ok, enough with the procrastinating. Here's today's vlog....

Oh, I have to warn you. I sing in this. I'm so sorry. Please don't unfollow me or send me hate mail or block my site or other things. Forgive me. Don't judge!

And, if anyone knows how I can get my webcam vids to look better and less jumpy and blurry, let me know!!