There are moments in life that you always remember.

Moments in parenthood that you'll always hold dear to your heart.

Those moments that burn themselves into your brain and you know that even without a photograph, you'll always be able to see those images.

Sometimes it's milestones. The first smile, the first word, the first step.

Other times it's rights of passages. The first date, the first job, the first car.

These moments can't be rushed. They happen naturally and sometimes unexpectedly.

Sometimes they aren't necessarily joyful moments but, moments you'll remember, nonetheless.

Like the first time you hear yourself say "Will you turn that music down!"

Or the first time you have to nurse your child's broken heart.

My kids are still young. I know there are many moments to come and someday I'll have my mental scrapbook full of all the firsts.

For now, I can relish in what happened a few days ago. Truly a proud moment for me.

Because this kid here....

who is way too old for his age and really frackin' cool....

Used air quotes for the first time.

I guess I have to say here that "inappropriate" air quotes are one of the "funniest" things for 0007 and "me". Really, using air quotes at the "wrong" time is just way too "fun". Now, I use air quotes regularly in speech anyway but, an inappropriate usage properly thrown into a conversation is bound to get a good laugh out of 0007 and myself.

When TRex came in the other night and was talking about a video game he was playing and said something about the "weirdos" on the game (yes, he air quoted the word weirdos) I about died! I whooped and hollered and high fived him. It was a proud moment.

A very "proud" moment.