In the spirit of "getting to know me", I'm going to do a few posts with some of my favorite things. So, without further adieu (and because I am too tired to even pretend to be witty), here we go.

Fave pic of TRex and Snappy.

I love this pic. Hubby took it. He is sweet enough to let me sleep in sometimes and get up with the kids on Sunday morning and do breakfast. If it's nice out they love to have breakfast "al fresco". This pic makes me smile because a)I was still asleep during this moment b)they are actually being sweet to each other and c)their bedhead is awesome!

Fave birthday present

TRex gave me this for my birthday last year. It was already mine. He got it out of my jewelry box and gave it to me as a present. How resourceful is that?! He is definitely my kid!

Fave thing I've made.

Ok, I have a lot of favorite things that I've made, especially when it comes to the furniture pieces. But, this one is definitely at the top of my list. It now sits in Snappy's room and helps her get into bed.

Fave pic of TRex

Hubby took this several years ago. It was the beginning of TRex's dino obsession and I am still in love with how it came out. We have an 8x10 on our wall but, I'd love a bigger one.

Fave Flea Market find

I bought this little blue table at a flea market in the city we used to live in. This pic is terrible but, the table is awesome. I'm sure one day I'll paint it but, I love the already scruffed look and I'm sure that once I paint it I'll just rough it up to get this look back.

Fave pic of Snappy

Gosh, my hubby is talented with getting amazing shots of the kiddos. That is Snappy's cousin's dog and she just loved carrying that little puppy around that day. I love the look of innocent mischief on her face.

So, obviously I have more "fave" pics of the kiddos but, these two always get me. I'll share some more of the good ones and more faves soon!