Music has always had such a strong influence on my life. There are songs that take me to a time in my life and can remind me of the immense happiness or the unbelievable sadness of that time. When I think back on my high school days, one band that was always in constant rotation in my playlists, was there with me through good and bad times, always made me sing at the top of my lungs and still makes me happy is the band Everclear. I love every one of their albums. Hubby and I still rock their music all the time. If I make a cd, I always have at least a couple of my fave Everclear songs on it.

Their music got me through some hard times and filled the background through some of the great times.

Friday night, hubby and I went to see them live.

It was freakin' sah-weet!

I never understood when I would see people crying in the crowd shots at concerts. Never got it. But, when the band of my teenage years took the stage and those first chords started, I seriously got a tad bit choked up. If you've never seen a live concert from one of your favorite bands, do it before you die. It should be on everyone's "bucket list".

We were also lucky enough to get to see them in an awesome venue. Corpus Christi, Texas is home to a rockin' place called Brewster Street Ice House. Not only do they have kickin' live music, they have scrumdiddlyumptious food and are so kid-friendly that they have a really cool playground attached to the outdoor seating area. If you are ever in Corpus, check them out!

We didn't take the kids. One of hubby's cousins was great enough to come watch them. Another of his cousins and his youngest brother actually joined us at the concert and I think it's safe to say that they had an awesome time too!

The opening band for Everclear was Clayton Senne. They were seriously good. Just the kind of music I like; pop/rock with a perfect soul influence. They remind me of Eric Hutchinson and The Black Crowes, who I love. If you've never heard of him you can check the Myspace page and Facebook page. Definitely worth a listen. We also chatted them up (the kick butt bass player mostly) while we were in line waiting for Everclear autographs and they are super nice, down to earth and seemed genuinely happy to meet all the fans. I just saw on their Myspace page that two of their songs have been used in MTV reality shows. This is a band I will say right now will get uber big. As well they should!

With such an awesome venue, and the amazingly nice crowd, we were stoked to be able to work our way up front and watched most of the concert right up by the stage. It was so flippin' cool! Got tons of great pics, even more great memories and hubby even got a guitar pik!

Meeting Art, the lead singer of Everclear was so freakin' awesome! I got to give him a hug and I was blown away by how nice he was. Of course I had to tell him that old cliche of "your music got me through high school" and even though I'm sure he's heard that a zillion times, it seemed like he actually still cares about that stuff.

After the wicked awesome time we had seeing Tool in a huge arena show last year, I didn't know if a concert could top it. Everclear, in that smaller setting, did not disappoint.

Now, off to find a shadow box for the pics, personalized autograph and guitar pik!

My high school self is way too jealous.