We had a wonderful holiday week and weekend. Thanksgiving was filled with family and food and both were rather enjoyable. We're lucky that our families live within an hour of each other and stagger the meals. My family does lunch and hubby's family does dinner so it works out wonderfully for us! Of course I forgot my camera. You know what? I didn't even mind that much. Sometimes it sure is nice to just enjoy the day. And we did just that. My mom took this quick pic of Snappy and me and I looooove it! Snappy was very boho chic on Turkey Day!

Hubby actually took the days off instead of working like usual. It has been wonderful to have him home but, the four days passed so quickly. I'm sure the kids will be a little shocked when he goes back to work. He'll probably welcome the rest!

I cleaned out our garage on Saturday. It was quite a feat. We've only lived here since July. What? We should be unpacked already? Sheesh. Anyway, there were so many boxes and bins full of crap to have a yard sale. I'm so over it. I loaded the van and have a full load to take to Goodwill. The truck got a full load sent to the dump and we are left with a fairly clean and organized garage. Now to tackle the weight room that has turned into a storage shed in the backyard.

Saturday night was a rare treat for hubs and myself. We very rarely go out. When we do it is something very tame, such as seeing my dad's play. This weekend, the band that hubby's brother manages and his cousin plays drums in, played at a local bar. We're also fantastic friends with the singer and guitar player so it was fun to go out and support all of them. Since the drum-playing-cousin's wife was already staying home, she came over to hang out with the kids so we could check it out! We really had a blast. Dirty Music is an awesome mix of Texas Country and Southern Rock and they sounded sah-weet! Hubby saw friends he hadn't seen in a while and we had so much fun. Check out Dirty Music on their Myspace Page or the Facebook Page. You can listen to their songs on the Myspace page. They rock! Here's a couple pics I took of them recently.

I hope everyone else had an awesome time at Thanksgiving, a safe trip to the mob-filled stores on Friday and a peaceful and fun weekend!

Christmas will be here before we know it. Maybe the cold front this week will get south Texas cooled off enough to put me more in the holiday spirit! To get you guys in the spirit, check out all the great gift ideas and giveaway contests on my Giveaway Page!