We nixed our cable bill a long time ago. For a few years we've been living in the stone age of rabbit ears. Once the converter boxes hit shelves our lives got exciting with the addition of a couple more channels and clearer reception. It was plenty for us. We always got the major networks and PBS so we were perfectly happy.

Let me tell ya... I can't believe it took us so long to discover Netflix Watch Instantly!
I wouldn't bat an eye if the rabbit ears disintegrated!

Along with our XBox Live we are able to send tons of movies and tv shows straight to our tv and I freaking love it!

TRex has a blast picking movies on the computer to watch on the "big tv" and I love being able to watch full seasons of shows like "Law and Order: SVU". By the way, do Assistant District Attorneys always chase criminals with the good looking detectives? And I must say that if the entire office is focusing on one case at a time, it's no wonder our justic system is clogged up!

Anyhoo, seriously folks, if you aren't signed up for Netflilx you gotta try it! You may just drop that big cable package from your bills!