Yes, I'm still feeling a little crappy. I'm better but, not great. Thanks to all the well wishes!

The other day, I had quite a nice pick me up when Lori over at Lori's LOLz presented me with a really cool award.

Rules- 10 honest things about myself and give the award to 10 bloggers.

1. I'm addicted to Law and Order shows. SVU is my fave (partly because of Christopher Meloni). The truth is though, I have to limit my intake of these shows because they totally mess with my head. Seriously, I start to get a little jumpy and paranoid after a marathon viewing of Law & Order shows. I know, I'm lame.

2. I'm a huge procrastinator.

3. I'm not a natural red-head. But, I've been dying my hair red for so very many years that I may as well be.

4. I wear pajamas that are actually "lounge" clothes instead of straight up pajamas so that if I end up wearing them all day, it doesn't look like I am in my pajamas all day.

5. I cannot imagine being anything other than a stay at home mom.

6. I cry at everything. TV shows, commercials, movies, blogs, etc. but, it takes a lot of build-up for me to cry at my own life.

7. It's been really hard to choose rest over computer time this week. I feel way too out of the loop of my bloggy friends!

8. My biggest fear is being alone.

9. When I was a kid, I slept with stuffed animals surrounding me, wouldn't take the comforter off and always jumped from the bed to the door if I got up in the middle of the night. I once had a scary book that I checked out of the library and I put it outside my bedroom door when I went to bed that night.

10. I used to be a wild child but, these days, I'd rather stay home with my family than do anything else.

Ok, there's the honest stuff and here's the bloggers I'm passing the award to.

1. Keely at MannLand5
2. Single Infertile Female
3. Nikki at Life As We Know It
4. Holly Renee at Love Imagine Create
5. Her husband, Mr. E. at Elan's Blog
6. Brae at I am NOT a Volcano
7. Crayon Wrangler
8. Kate's Life
9. Mama M.
10. Joanna at The Casa

Ok, peeps. There ya go! I'm takin' my butt back to the new comfy chair that we got just in time for me being Sickie MckSickerton this week! Hope everyone has a great day! (exclamation points make me feel better)