I realize that not all my readers are Lost freaks the way some of us are.

I'm not judging you no-Lost watching peeps. I got nothin' but love for ya!

So, before I get to the Lostapalooza-ness of the day...

I spent my Tuesday proofing out pics that hubby took at the baptism we attended this past weekend. He got some really amazing shots and that always makes proofing them out all the more fun.

I was so happy with how they turned out, I wanted to share a few. (Yes, Sam, then I'll do my Lost stuff!)

Yep, that's Snappy and TRex on either end there.

I totally want to go back to this house before they move and take a ton more pics on these awesome stairs!

I may post more later but, these were a few of my faves!

Alright, now on to the business at hand.

Ready for Lostapalooza?

I am!

What. a. good. freakin. episode!

I was stoked about a Sawyer episode. I wanted to know what was going on with him, how he was feeling about everything and what his life was like in the flash sideways.

This episode was sooooo good!

I love when my mouth drops open within the first few minutes of a Lost episode.

When they revealed what Sawyer does for a living in the flash sideways I think my exact words were "Whaaaaaa????", probably slightly high pitched.

I love that Miles is his partner in the flash sideways. I love that the "code word" was LaFleur.

I really like how they are trying to intertwine all of their lives in the flash sideways but, come on, Juliet would have been such a better choice for his blind date!

So, new theory.

Maybe when Jacob "touched" them in their lives, it made the change in them that needed to happen in order for them to wind up on the island. Without the need for them on the island, there was no touch from Jacob and that is why some things are different. Jacob didn't touch Sawyer at the funeral so, instead of turning into a con man, he turned into a cop.

Just my new cool theory.

Let's see, what else happened in this episode....

Claire is nutso! Watch your back, Kate!

Hubby and I are both in agreement over finding ourselves oddly on Team Locke. He's just so damn charming. He was so nice to Kate and totally got Claire in line. Yes, I know, he's terrible in some ways but, I can't help liking him. I liked the real Locke so much, I can't help liking this guy too.

Sayid is messsssssed up! Poor Sayid. I really liked him.

Sawyer...what a player. Really. Bravo, Sawyer! Well, when Kate asked him if he was with Locke he did tell her that he's with no one. He played the two sides so freakin' well, though! Had me going for a minute!

I'm super confused about Widmore. First he came to the island to kill Ben (and probably Jacob). Now he's there to kill Ol' Smokey. So, he's on his own side too? He just wants it all for himself?

I totally knew that chick on the beach with Sawyer was lying her butt off. The first question she asked him, I just got this vibe from her that she was lying. Good call, Sawyer but, not quick enough!

Anyone else really wondering what's behind the locked door on the sub?

And, Sawyer tells Kate that the two of them are leaving the island together. Swoon.

I gotta do a little dance because next week is Richard Alpert episode! Woohoo!

Now, some fun questions....

1. We've talked about our favorite characters. Were there any characters ever that you really didn't like?

2. Who's your favorite couple from any season?

3. Which candidate would you like to see become the "new Jacob"?

1. We've talked about our favorite characters. Were there any characters ever that you really didn't like?

I did not like Horace. Something about that guy totally bugged me. I also never really warmed up to Juliet. Not that I didn't like her, just wasn't crazy about her.

2. Who's your favorite couple from any season?

I loved Shannon and Sayid as a couple. I really liked what they did for each other and how they changed each other.

My favorite though, was Charlie and Claire. You know, pre- death and crazy. I was always really rooting for them to work out and yelling at Claire to realize how much Charlie loved her and was trying to be a good guy.

3. Which candidate would you like to see become the "new Jacob"?

Hmmm. I guess, Jack. He's the most likely candidate, at least. He's kind of going the way of how Locke once was with all the faith in "purpose" even though he's questioning things more than Locke ever did. I just don't think that anyone else is strong enough to do it. Well, maybe Ben. I guess if Ben took over it would be fitting.

Alright, Losties, there ya go! I'm going to put the linky up. You know, just in case someone other than Sam and Jody B. wants to link up and join our little dorky club!

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