Alright, I guess Mama M. could sense that I was planning on procrastinating blogging until Friday. She tagged me in a little blog game! Alri-ight, I'll blo-og<that's my whiny voice>

So, rules seem simple enough.

1. Post where you want to be in 10 years.

2. Pass it on to ten bloggy friends.

First I'll do the passing.
1. Samantha
2. Brae
3. Nikki
4. Scott
5. Lisa
6. Erica
7. Jody B.
8. Tracy
9. Joanna
10. Muliebrity

Ok, phew. That is exhausting.

Now, in 10 years it will be March 2020.

I'll be >ahem< years old. Oh, alright. I'll be 39. But, not really. I made a pact with the devil ages ago and I will be staying 29 forever.

Hubby and I will be about to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary and, since 11 is our "number", I can only imagine that it will be a great anniversary.

Snappy will be 12 going on 13. Yikes. Triple Yikes! My dream is that we'll be as close then as we are now. I never imagined she'd be a "Mommy's Girl" and am loving that she is. I'm sure she'll be gorgeous and probably a dancer or cheerleader or something equally girly.

TRex will be months away from turning 16. That's insane. Oh, I hope he's better at driving a real car by that point than he is at his car driving video games right now.

I would venture to say that there will be at least one other child that will be anywhere from 1-10 years old. If hubby has his way, there will be more than one but, we'll see.

I would like to think that I'll be successful at something other than motherhood by that point. Heck, hopefully I'll be successful at motherhood by that point! I'd love if my boutique or blog (will there still be blogs then?) were really successful. I've always wanted to own a children's boutique storefront offline so, maybe that will happen.

We will have bought our home and done the renovations we dream of. Our home will be filled with laughter and love as it is now but, more so with all the friends that TRex and Snappy will always have here.

I'd love if 10 years from now I'm still friends with some of the great bloggy ladies I've met recently and can look at pics from our get togethers.

Our walls will still be filled with images of the kids. At that point, the pics will be from their preteen years and hopefully several fun family vacays.

And maybe, by that point, I'll be a baker.

Ten years seems like such a long time away. I can't imagine my kids will ever be those ages (or older!). It's funny, these early days of tantrums and potty training sometimes seem to be such long days. I'll hold on to my days though. As a wonderful Modest Mouse song says "The years go fast and the days go so slow." I know I'll turn around tomorrow and not only will ten years have passed but, twenty and maybe more.