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Wubbzy's Egg-cellent Easter

April 21, 2011
Easter may be hopping it's way around the corner but, there's definitely one DVD that your kids will want to watch long after Peter Cottontail has come and gone. Wow Wow Wubbzy! movies are among my children's favorites and the newest addition to the collection is no exception. They both adore Wubbzy's Egg-cellent Easter!

Once you've seen an episode of Wow Wow Wubbzy!, it's no surprise that it's an Emmy winning series. Not only is it absolutely adorable, slightly silly enough to make kids giggle constantly but, it also teaches amazing lessons of friendship and teamwork, among others.

The new DVD, Wubbzy's Egg-cellent Easter, contains six episodes to help celebrate Easter and Spring. The beloved characters, Wubbzy, Walden, Widget and Daizy, are all together in these adorable "egg-cellent" episodes. Though they may be super silly and have crazy imaginations, the cute characters deal with the same issues of the children watching. They learn together lessons like how to understand their own feelings, how to listen and appreciate others and the value of friendship and community.

Click HERE to see a clip from the new DVD.

My kids have been Wubbzy fans for a while and adding the Easter DVD to their collection was a huge hit. If you're still searching for perfect and affordable items to add to the Easter baskets, scoop up Wubbzy's Egg-cellent Easter or any of the other fantastic Wubbzy DVDs. You can rest assured that it won't matter once Easter is over, the kids will still want to watch these episodes again and again.

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TruKid - Organic Bath and Body Products for Kids

April 19, 2011
I, like many other parents these days, am more and more aware of the necessity to use more natural products in the bathroom. It's not just about being eco-friendly. It's not just about using products that are healthier for our bodies. It's also about the fact that natural and organic hair and body products just work better with our bodies natural chemistries to give more desirable results. Whether it's lotion, bubble bath, shampoo or other bath products, using something natural and organic is safer and more enjoyable, especially when it comes to kids and their sensitive skins. I've recently found some new products that I am absolutely loving.

TruKid is a company started by a mom that makes natural and organic hair, body and skin care products for kids that are absolutely amazing. They sent me some of their shampoo, body wash, lotion and sunscreen to try out and I became an instant fan. Their products smell amazing with the fun scents that kids love and they are completely lacking in all the dangerous ingredients of some other products. No parabens, BPA and Phthlalate free and all certified organic!

My kids really love the products from TruKid. They love the scents and how gentle they are on their skin. I love knowing that there aren't any harmful chemicals in them and that they are nourishing my kids' bodies and hair instead of ravaging them. I've even been known to use the lotion; it's amazing!

For those looking for gluten free products, rest assured that those from TruKid are free of gluten in addition to being free of all other synthetic dyes, petroleums and chemicals. They are also all cruelty-free. There's just so much about the products from TruKid that can make you happy to use them and become an avid fan.

I highly recommend all of the products from TruKid and, especially the sunscreen now that we are heading into the summer season. I'm absolutely certain that you'll love all of these products!

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You can get the hair and body care products, relief balms, sunscreen and even products for grownups from the TruKid shopping site! Take advantage of their awesome $5 flat rate shipping!

While you're there, be sure and check out the "Just for kids" section in the "Community" tab and share the fun songs and healthy habit tips with your little ones!

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Scrappynaps - Reusable Fabric Placemats and Napkins

April 14, 2011
Whether you're dining out, at home or enjoying the lovely Spring weather with an outdoor picnic, I have a fantastic product I came across recently that you've got to check out!

Scrappynaps are reusable kid placemats made out of adorable fabric that conveniently hold a matching napkin and utensil set. They are made by a mom who understands the desire to help teach our kids be eco-friendly while giving them things that they love to use. The placemats and napkins come in a variety of patterns for both boys and girls to make sure that kids are having fun while eating.

Scrappynaps sent us one of their girl sets. Both my daughter and I absolutely love it. She feels so special getting to use her placemat at meals and I love knowing that it's giving her a germ free place to eat when we are in a restaurant. Using her Scrappynap placemat and napkin on a Springtime picnic was a very special treat for her. Scrappynaps placemats are easy to use, easy to carry and easy to clean. I love that they are machine washable and roll up secure with the attached elastic band. I also love that by using the reusable placemat and napkin, we're doing our little part in being eco-friendly.

I know plenty of moms that use the plastic, disposable placemats when they dine out and Scrappynaps are just a far better alternative. I highly recommend them whether you want a placemat for your toddler at restaurants, at home or even one for your school aged child to use on the germy cafeteria table! Scrappynaps reusable placemats and napkin sets are affordable and when you think about how much money you'll save by them being reusable, the affordability is astounding.

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Skidders Shoes and Socks

April 13, 2011
I'm constantly in search of adorable footwear. Mostly for my daughter but, I'm always happy to find something for all the other kids in my life (and sometimes even for myself!). Recently, I came across some insanely cute footwear that I had never seen before and totally fell in love.

Skidders footwear is absolutely unique. It is footwear designed to be worn indoors or outdoors and made with the comfort and safety of kids in mind. The Skidders shoes go on like socks, are as comfortable as slippers and provide traction and protection to children's feet whether they are climbing a tree or running down the hallway. Plus, they come in some awesomely adorable patterns. Skidders sent my daughter a pair of their Original Skidders Shoes and we're both in love with them. I really like that, unlike other slipper socks I've gotten her, these have actual protection like real shoes on the toes and soles. She likes them because they are comfy and cute!

But, Skidders don't stop at the shoes! They've also got indoor gripper socks that are absolutely perfect for keeping those running little feet from slip sliding all over hardwood or tile floors. And the prints? Oh so very cute! The ballerina style that my daughter has are just too precious. She loves playing in them and I love that while she's doing her ballerina moves, she definitely won't slip and fall!

Does it get better? You bet it does! Because, Skidders has gripper socks for more than just the little boys and girls. They've got them for us women too! I love my Skidders Socks. Love them. They are, without a doubt, the most comfortable pair of socks I own. No slipping when I'm running down the hallway doing my list of zillions of chores as quickly as I can or running to break up a fight amongst siblings and while I'm doing that no-slipping running, my feet sure look cute! Skidders has a ton of great pattern choices for the women and all the socks have the same great rubber grip on the bottom that the kid socks have.

On top of everything that Skidders has to offer, their prices are absolutely reasonable, which makes me love them even more. I think that Skidders Shoes are perfect for new walkers, toddlers and small children and make excellent gifts. With the end of the school year sneaking up, you may be wondering what to get your child's teacher for an end of the year gift. Grab a few pair of Skidders Socks for the perfect way to pamper that teacher that's on her feet all day! Whether it's for a gift, for yourself or to stash away until it's time to stuff stockings again, I definitely recommend all of the amazing products at Skidders!

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Karmin G3 Salon Pro Professional Flat Iron

April 7, 2011
I've been using a flat iron on my hair for almost 15 years. I've used tons of different kinds of flat irons and have definitely come to the decision that ceramic irons are my favorite. I like how they glide through my hair without catching and snagging and like how high the heat gets while doing very little damage to my hair.

I've used the Karmin G3 ceramic flat iron and I really liked it. The plates are 100% tourmaline ceramic. The heat goes up to 450 degrees and you have full control over selecting the heat setting based on your hair type. One really great feature that I never realized I needed until I had it is the 360degree swivel on the cord. Totally eliminates getting tangled in the cord!

When it comes to really good, professional flat irons, they can get pricey. If you're looking for a fantastic site to purchase a professional flat iron at reduced prices, I highly recommend HairTools.ca. You'll find much more than flat irons and all at reasonable prices, especially for salon quality products. You'll find all of the best flat irons and all the other tools you need to maintain your lovely hairstyle at home.

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DownEast Basics - Spring New Arrivals Giveaway

April 4, 2011
It has started to seem lately that I am having a progressively harder time finding clothing that I really like. I go in a store and the clothing in the junior section is just far too trendy...trends that I honestly just don't understand. The women's department usually just feels too old and frumpy. And the prices? Seem to get higher and higher. All I want is comfortable and stylish clothes that make me feel good, don't cost an arm and a leg and don't make me look too old or like I'm trying to be in high school. I know I'm not alone in my search. Luckily, almost two years ago, I found DownEast Basics.

DownEast Basics never disappoints me. I can always find clothes that are comfortable enough for everyday stay-at-home-mom wear but, get me outside of the tshirt and jeans box that I often find myself in. The prices are always reasonable and they always have awesome clearance sales.

I resisted the Skinny Jeans trend for a very long time. The first pair I tried was the Miss Slim Skinny Jean from DownEast Basics and I absolutely fell in love with them. It's rare for me to find denim from an online boutique that fits as well as the denim from DownEast Basics. The styles are hot and the jeans fit perfectly.

Whether it's basic tees, everyday casual and beautiful tops, amazing skirts, perfect sundresses, hot denim or fantastic accessories, you'll find what you want at DownEast Basics. Want more? Check out their killer swimwear and super adorable little girl's line.


Want even more? DownEast Basics now has home decor too! This new addition makes me swoon. It's all the great style of the clothing from DownEast Basics with the functionality of what you need to decorate your home. I am absolutely drooling over all of it and am scheming of all the places in my home that desperately need all of these pieces.


The New Arrivals at DownEast Basics is a revolving door that I always look forward to. Seeing all the new goodies laid out is so much fun and there are always new must-haves! Recently, I added a new DownEast Basics item to my wardrobe that is absolutely a must-have for me. When it comes to cardigans and light jackets, I'm definitely a collector. The Well Read Cardi arrived at my house and became my instant favorite. Though we're nearing summer here in the south, our mornings and evenings are still cool. This cardigan is nice and thin, has gorgeous large buttons and the sleeves can be worn buttoned up for a stylish and slightly cooler look. I'm in love with this cardi!

If you're searching for clothes that will make you happy, keep you stylish and fill your wardrobe with gorgeous Spring colors, head over to DownEast Basics and check out their New Arrivals and the rest of all the amazing items they carry!

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