Independence is something that toddlers tend to crave. As my kids became toddlers, there were a lot of little things I did in order to help them become more independent and feel like they were able to do things on their own. It doesn't just help them. It also helps a busy mom to free up a few more minutes in her day. One task that I know many moms will recognize as something they do repeatedly during the day for their toddler is turning on and off lights. In our home, it's the bathroom light that I'm always having to run and turn on or off for my daughter. Until now! Luckily, we now have a KidSwitch!

KidSwitch is a light switch extender that glows in the dark and makes it simple for even young toddlers to turn lights on and off all by themselves.

Before KidSwitch, anytime my daughter needed to use the bathroom, one of us taller family members would have to run in there and turn the light on for her. Often, the light wouldn't get turned back off. With KidSwitch, not only do lights get turned off when leaving a room but, you also don't have to worry about what can happen when a child tries to climb on things to reach the light switch themselves. KidSwitch is safe, easy and essential in any household with small children.

The KidSwitch is incredibly easy to install and works on a multitude of different types of light switches. Installation on a standard toggle switch merely requires a screwdriver and took me less than five minutes to complete. If you have decora switches, no worries, the KidSwitch works on those as well and installation requires no tools at all. Once installed, the glow-in-the-dark moon serves as the child's way of turning the light on and off. Simply push the moon up to turn the light on and pull the moon down to turn the light off. My daughter loves it! I love that the KidSwitch helps her while not being a hassle for those of us who can reach the switch. The light is still easily turned on and off by the original toggle switch or the moon.

This Dad-invented product is absolutely a necessity and easily falls at the top of my list of "must haves" for parents. I wish we'd had a KidSwitch when my son was a toddler and have realized the need for a KidSwitch in several more rooms. Giving my daughter the ability to be more independent has been wonderful.

See the commercial HERE.

KidSwitch is a product that I would recommend to every single parent and expecting parent that I know. They are also great for grandparent homes and daycares as well! Plus, they are incredibly affordable, especially considering all they'll save you on your energy bill now that the lights will actually get turned off!

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