One reader will win a copy of the Flower Duet instructional dvd

Planning any kind of event, whether it is a small dinner party or a lavish wedding, is a chore. As a hostess I always want to be sure that the decor is perfect. Even a tiny gathering at my house is something I want my guests to remember. When it comes to something like a wedding, the decor is extremely important. Even if you don't have time to truly enjoy it during the moment, it is the backdrop for the pictures that will last your entire life.

I've always liked having fresh flowers in my home and, of course, at a wedding they are necessary. I love the flowers in my yard and the beautiful stems at the florist but, shoving them into a vase doesn't exactly a breathtaking centerpiece make. To get something memorable in terms of centerpieces orbouquets I'll probably end up spending so much that I won't completely enjoy the outcome!

When Casey and Kit sent me their DVD, Flower Duet, I will admit that I was skeptical. Floral arrangements? Good enough for weddings or big events? I think I will leave it to the pros. Well, I was wrong.

Flower Duet is wonderful. As instructional videos go, it's the easiest to watch video I've seen. These sisters are so happy and upbeat that you can't help but to join them. Any doubt about your ability to create the floral arrangements goes out the window as soon as you see their smiling faces. They glide through the show with ease and joy. I honestly think they need their own show on PBS or HGTV. I love watching all the shows on horticulture and cuisine and these girls would be the perfect fit in shows like those.

I like that Flower Duet is from sisters that know what they are doing. They both have over 16 years combined experience in floral designing and you can tell that they know their stuff.

I'm already married but, plan on keeping this wonderful little dvd tucked safely away for when I need to spruce up my home and for all those yet-to-be-planned events in my life. From here on out I will highly recommend the Flower Duet DVD to anyone I know who is planning a wedding, baby shower or event of any kind. Think how much money a bride can save on floral arrangements if she has this handy dvd with her! I think that is amazing. I love that there is a product like this out there that can help people and, at the same time, actually be entertaining. I look forward to the rest of the series of instructional videos from Flower Duet. I also wish I was in the Redondo Beach area so that I could take one of their classes.

I don't think it's old fashioned at all to say that every woman should know how to put together a beautiful floral arrangement. What an amazing talent to have and, need I say, marketable! I think the Flower Duet DVD is a must have for any woman and imagine it would make a lovely bridal shower gift. I would even give it as a housewarming or newlywed gift. Throw in some fresh flowers or a gift certificate to your local florist and you've got a wonderfully unique and practical gift.

Casey and Kit are so wonderful that they are giving one of my readers their very own copy of Flower Duet.

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