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Posted by Robin Haws on Thursday, August 13, 2009, In : Pouncing 
It's been a while since I took a minute to "Pounce" around on Etsy. I just love hitting that button and not knowing what I'll find! There are so many cool artists out there! Here's a few awesome finds...

I love this silk flower pendant. It is amazing and beautiful. It must take great talent to create these Japanese flowers. You can find a lot of things like this at I Gotta Have That's shop.

This ring is very cool and very much my style. I love ornate butterfly designs. There are tons of other ...
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Posted by Robin Haws on Wednesday, July 29, 2009, In : Procrastinating 
We are moving this week. I should really be packing.
What am I doing?
Looking at cool stuff on Etsy!

I saw this store tweeted and checked it out. Loooooove these skirts!
Siam2U has tons of great skirts like this and amazing dresses.

So, of course I checked out the person who tweeted about that shop and, what do you know, it's an Etsy seller! And all her earrings are on clearance! Can't beat that with a stick!
Check out this cute pair at the Clearance Earrings Shop!

I hopped over to the Etsy "Pou...
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Forum Clicking...

Posted by Robin Haws on Wednesday, July 15, 2009, In : Random Clicks 
So, sometimes I like to go to the forums of Etsy and randomly click on sellers. It's more fun than doing categorized searches and I like to be surprised because I can't see their avatars. Here's a few really cool sellers I found during my recent random clicking...

ArtBox Designs
Ok, less of a random click and more of a cool seller from a forum thread. Still, definitely worthy of an Etsy Love nod! I love the jewelry sellers of Etsy and this one is really cool. In addition to the jewelry there's ...
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Art is not a thing, it is a way...

Posted by Robin Haws on Wednesday, July 8, 2009, In : Art 
I want to take a moment to give these Etsy sellers a great big hug.


Because our world is a better place when we have artists like these.

So, enjoy looking at all the wonderful art in these shops and everywhere else. Remember how important it is to have it in your life. Teach your children about art and raise them to hold it in their hearts. Because, as Pablo Picasso said, "
Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

My husband would absolutely love t...

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Great Etsians...

Posted by Robin Haws on Friday, July 3, 2009,
Check out these great Etsy shops!

LucyHammel's Shop features some really unique hair bows! How cool is this...

BareMoose Jewelry has a lot to offer! I love this necklace!

Cat Lover? Check out the adorable prints at Ginger Cat Press!

The accessories at SophistiKTion are beautiful and unique! I really like this pendant!

Check back often for more great Etsy finds!

No go forth...and Buy Handmade!

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Oooh, that's cool! (2)

Posted by Robin Haws on Thursday, July 2, 2009, In : oooh, that's cool 
Time for another "Ooh, That's Cool" Etsy post!!

This Zebra Purse is lined in hot pink. How cute is that!
 from Rockin Mama!

Unique and Beautiful. What great room decor!

Letter Photo Art from Alphabet Diva

I know I already did a purse, but this clutch is ridiculously cute!
All the stuff in Lolo's Shop is awesome!

More to come.
Go forth...and Shop Handmade!

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Late Night Jewelry Find!

Posted by Robin Haws on Saturday, June 27, 2009, In : Late Night Surfing 
So, I should totally be in bed. Instead I'm practicing my favorite procrastination tactic: late night Etsy surfing. I stumbled upon this new Etsy shop and am head over heels for this jewelry! Go check it out! Seriously, it's really pretty stuff!

Sheree Valentine's Creations

Here's a few nice ones...

But this is by far my fave!

Happy Shopping!
Support Handmade!

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Oooh, That's Cool...

Posted by Robin Haws on Wednesday, June 24, 2009, In : oooh, that's cool 
I love the photographs from Angelica Pitroda Photography
I think this is my fave!

I love vintage kitchen stuff and Hollieshobbs has some very cool stuff!
These mugs are awesome!

The clutches at Granny's Purses Shop are too stinkin cute!
I really want this one

Oh how I want all the necklaces at Beadz n Thinz!
I adore this one http:...
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