We are moving this week. I should really be packing.
What am I doing?
Looking at cool stuff on Etsy!

I saw this store tweeted and checked it out. Loooooove these skirts!
Siam2U has tons of great skirts like this and amazing dresses.

So, of course I checked out the person who tweeted about that shop and, what do you know, it's an Etsy seller! And all her earrings are on clearance! Can't beat that with a stick!
Check out this cute pair at the Clearance Earrings Shop!

I hopped over to the Etsy "Pounce" option and stumbled upon what appears to be a brand new shop! Oh. My. Gosh. I'm in love with all the cute magnet boards at Stick To It!!!! I've seen things like this at craft shows before but never this affordable! Instant fave store!
Look at this Tin Tic Tac Toe...

And this fabric covered magnetic memo board...

One more "Pounce" and I came across Cosmik Frog Photography. Wow! These are amazing photographs! I'm always a sucker for something magical. These certainly are.
Check out this one...

I need to get back to packing. You should all do extra Etsy surfing and buying for me since I'm doing boring stuff! Before you leave, head over to the Giveaway page of our blog and enter to win a ton of great loot!

Go Forth...Buy Handmade.

Remember Ladies and Gents: All these pics and creations are the property of the Etsy owners. I love being able to share stuff with you all. Look and admire. But please don't use them for personal gain.