We've always been fans of filtered water in our home. I suppose living places where the water was terrible forced us to come to that but, we enjoy having that filtered water in the fridge. We used to buy the jugs of water and my husband decided it was far more inexpensive to just go with the pitchers. We used one of the name brand pitchers that you find at all the major grocery stores for a long time. No complaints but, we've recently discovered how filtered that water really is.

We had the opportunity to test out the ZeroWater water filtration system/pitcher. This pitcher is very much like the others that you've probably seen or already use. You fill the top compartment and it filters down into the base. I must say that before trying this system I had never given much thought to the level of filtered water from our other pitcher. The ZeroWater system comes with a handy tester and we used it to put our other water to the test. The TDS Meter simply tells you the total number of detectable dissolved solids. It tells you how much yucky stuff is actually in your water. The higher the number on the reader, the more things dissolved in the water.

We tested our tap water first and got a reading of 600. Yikes! Next we tested our filtered water from our leading brand pitcher. The level was just under 300. A bottle of water from the convenient store (a purchased bottle of purified water) had a reading just over 300. After setting up our ZeroWater pitcher we tested to see a reading of 000. Wow! And the taste? You can absolutely tell the difference. Once you taste the completely filtered water you will never want any other.

We're absolutely thrilled with our ZeroWater pitcher. We like knowing that the water we are drinking is actually pure and completely filtered. The TDS meter lets us know when it's time to change our pitcher's filter. My favorite part of the ZeroWater system is that the pitcher has a spout near the base. This means that my kids can get their own water without having to lift the heavy pitcher. Less mess and way more convenient!

If you are worried about your water, like filtered water or are just tired of spending all that money on bottled water from the store (that most likely isn't even all that filtered) then I definitely recommend the ZeroWater system. The price is reasonable and the results are phenomenal.

You can get the ZeroWater products from their online store.