I posted on the main page of the blog today about a few of the items I've painted for my big kitchen makeover. I'm all about redoing items that I already have. I love to refurbish, usually because it's just so much cheaper than buying new. I'm loving my upgrades of certain items but, eventually, I will want to buy new. My love for online shopping and my love for getting a good deal on things usually leads me to CSNStores.com when I'm wanting to buy new, affordable items for my home and even for my kids. When it comes time to find the new bar stool style to replace the refurbished ones I've got right now, I'm headed over to CSNStores because, really, this bar stool would be absolutely amazing in my house.

It's not just bar stools that make CSN Stores a fantastic place to shop. I've purchased so many items from their 200+ stores and every single thing I've received from them has been high quality and absolutely worth every penny. I've reviewed items for them in the past and am excited to say that I will be bringing you another great review in the near future. From coffee pots to awesome toys for kids, storage closets to chic shoes and practically everything else you can think of, I know you'll be just as happy with CSN Stores as I always am. Whether it's a bar stool or a throw pillow, a microwave or a toddler bed, CSN Stores has got you covered! Their sites are easy to navigate and their browsing system is one of my favorites in all of the online shopping world.