My son is a superhero fanatic. At age 5 he can tell you all of the superhero's names, alter ego names, abilties and their backstories. He spends his days picking his favorites and mimicking their super-abilities. I have yet to meet a little boy his age that doesn't think they are or want to be a superhero. When I found Using Your Heads and saw their products, I knew my son would love them.

Using Your Heads creates personalized coloring books, labels and stickers in themes using your child's image. You upload a picture of your child and they convert it to a cartoon image and create these amazing personalized gifts. There are several themes to choose from. I'm sure any little girl would love to have a coloring book starring her as a fairy tale princess.

Animal loving children will get a kick out of seeing themsleves swimming with sea creatures and walking among dinosaurs.

The Superhero Adventure coloring book that came to our house has been such a treat for my son. He loves flipping through it and making up stories about how "he" is saving the day! The personalized stickers are so great and a really fun addition to the coloring book. I was amazed at how much the pictures looked like my son. As soon as he opened it, he knew it was him.

Aside from the coloring books, Using Your Heads has fantastic return address labels. How perfect would these be for sending out your holiday greeting cards?

I think any of the items at Using Your Heads would make a wonderful gift for a child. What's more, if your child has a special best friend or family member they adore, you can get a coloring book with more than one person's face in it! Using Your Heads is definitely one of my picks for holiday gifting. The books are affordable and would be such a treat for the child. I think they'd also make a wonderful Get Well present, birthday gift or even a Big Brother or Big Sister gift when a new baby is on the way!

Head over to Using Your Heads and see what great gifts you can get for the kids in your life!