It's no secret that I'm a shoe fanatic.

It's no surprise that I project my shoe obsession onto my children.

Really though, is there anything cuter than a child sporting some adorable shoes?

The problem sometimes is that really cute kids' shoes aren't really great for their feet. Sometimes they aren't comfortable and the ones that are comfortable are less than cute.

Umi shoes for kids offer styles that are not only unbelievably stylish but, also completely made for kids' feet.

I truly adore the shoes that Umi carries. Yes, they are cute and stylish. What's more is that they are comfortable for my kids and incredibly durable. As a parent, one of the most important things is that the shoes my kids wear can withstand the test that my kids put them through on a daily basis. I've actually had shoes for my kids before that were more expensive than some of my own and only made it through a short period before falling apart. That is just unacceptable to me. The Umi shoes that my kids wear, sometimes daily, show total durability. That's probably due to the high quality materials that go into making every pair of shoes from Umi and their stringent quality control checks. It's nice to know that this company is serious about the life of their shoes. Because, let's face it, kids are hard on their shoes.

Umi has introduced some amazing new styles for Spring/Summer 2010. My son is the proud owner of the Trek shoes from Umi. The day these sandals arrived, my son didn't care that it was freezing outside. He sported these shoes around the house all day.

What do I love about the Trek sandals? The sole is like a really good hiking shoe or sports shoe. Considering how hard my son plays, the trees he climbs, the running and jumping, the sole on these shoes is absolutely a necessity. I also love that the toe is enclosed. My son, like most kids, is clumsy at times. The enclosed toe is really nice. I like that the material is waterproof. Because those mud puddles...they will get jumped in. The only complaint my household has about these shoes comes from my husband. His problem? That they don't come in his size! Yes, Daddy is jealous of his boy's shoes!

My daughter has two pair of shoes from Umi. I've talked before about her adorable red shoes that she happily wore for Christmas. Her newest pair is the Capri from Umi's new collection. I love this style. She still needs the coverage that the Capri shoes offer but, I love the openings in the top that allow the foot to breathe in the summertime. They are easy for her to put on herself and very comfortable for her growing feet. I love the different shades of pink and how the colors allow so much versatility when pairing with her outfits.

I highly recommend Umi shoes. Every style, from their baby shoes to the big kid shoes, are fun and stylish while meeting the high standards that Umi has for quality children's shoes. Umi isn't just thinking about the feet of our children. They are thinking about their future Earth as well. All the Umi shoes are made with non-toxic materials and eco-friendly practices and then packaged with recycled materials. You can be certain that buying shoes from Umi means you are getting high quality shoes that are good for your kids and the planet.

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