Let me tell you about my new obsession. Every time I walk out of my bathroom I have to grab a little of my Sweet Fig & Argan Body Lotion from the True Blue Morocco Collection at Bath and Body Works! My daughter is in love with it now too, and she's only 2!

When I received my sample of the lotion I was a little hesitant. I have just never been a lotion user. I don't like my skin to feel greasy. Here in south Texas your skin is usually greasy enough! I immediately loved the beautiful decorative bottle that it came in and gave it a try. I am absolutely amazed by this lotion. I first applied it after a bath and shaving. Usually if I put fragrant lotion on freshly shaved legs it burns pretty bad. This didn't! Not only does it leave my skin smooth and incredibly silky soft but, the smell is just intoxicating. I never feel greasy after putting it on. It's almost as if I applied a creamy powder. The satin feel of it is luxurious and invigorating. I was spellbound by how a lotion could be so wonderful. Then I read all about it and completely understood.

This True Blue lotion that is so addicting is made from Argan Oil. This oil is native to Morocco and packs quite a punch of Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. So, I figure that my addiction is good for me! The oil is combined with shea butter and moisturizing fig. It's also got Green Tea Extract and Peppermint Extract. These extracts are the reason behind the invigorating feeling and leave your skin energized.

In addition to the Sweet Fig & Argon Lotion I sampled the Cedarwood & Spice Warming Body Scrub. Like the lotion, the scent is intoxicating. What I really love about these scents is that they are slightly musky and not too flowery. They are strong without being overpowering. And the scents actually last! The body scrub is heavenly. It left my skin feeling soft and smooth, just like the lotion. I was unsure about the warming aspect of it. It was so wonderful though. We've been moving the last couple of weeks and rubbing that body scrub into my back and shoulder muscles was so relaxing. Sandalwood and Cedarwood are blended with warm milk, balsam vanilla, amber, Cumin seed extract, Cardamon extract and shea butter and an infusion of ginger and pepper. The combination of these ingredients creates the smoothing and warming effect that is exhilarating and relaxing at the same time. My hubby snatched it up and ran to scrub his feet with it. I wonder if I'll get it back!

The lotion, body scrub and all the other items in the True Blue line can be found in Bath and Body Works stores across the states and at http://bathandbodyworks.com. I highly recommend picking up one of these products. Or all of them! But hurry, it's a limited edition!