I have a problem in my master bedroom. Apparently, when this house was built, people didn't have as many articles of clothing as they do now. Walk-in-closets must have not been invented yet. Between the massive amount of clothing that my husband owns and all of my clothing, there is seriously zero space. Our clothes are actually spread out between several other closets in the house and it's frustrating. Short of major renovations to expand the closets, I had resigned myself to having to go to other rooms in order to pick out clothing.

I was browsing one of my favorite sites the other day, CSN Stores, and stumbled into an area that I hadn't checked out before. Their organizational product selection is amazing! There are so many items from the CSN Stores site that are now on my "must-have" list for getting this house organized. What I did order that day has been such a blessing in our bedroom.

The Honey Can Do Storage Closet with Shoe Organizer is perfect for extending our closet just a tad in the bedroom. I looked at several other storage closets that CSN Stores carries but, settled on this one because of the colors and the shoe organizer attached. The entire Honey Can Do line of organizational items is fantastic and I will be getting more of the items to complete the massive organization overhaul in our master bedroom and closet. What this storage closet did for me was to allow me to take most of my clothes out of my kids' closets and get many pair of shoes off my bedroom floor.

The Honey Can Do Storage Closet was easy to put together and came with super simple instructions. Once assembled, I'm absolutely thrilled with the quality of the closet and it's perfect size. This is not a large storage closet. It is the perfect size for a season's worth of my clothing. If you need more storage than that, CSN Stores has several other storage closets to choose from that look equally as good as this one. I would love to get one of the larger ones. My sister-in-law does have one of the larger storage closets from CSN Stores that she uses for out of season clothing in her garage and she just loves it.

CSN Stores is absolutely overflowing with some of my favorite items for storage, kids, kitchens, bathrooms, decor, furniture, and so many other products. That's the best part about CSN Stores. It's all right there for you and so easy to browse and navigate. I purchase from CSN often and am always completely satisfied and happy with what I order and the price I pay for it. I'd always rather find a good deal on something and CSN Stores makes sure that I do!

I highly recommend the Honey Can Do Storage Closet and entire line of products as well as the full shopping experience that CSN Stores offers.