A proper covering for an infant car seat is, in my book, somewhat of a necessity. I cannot count how many times I had to throw a blanket over my babies' seats to keep them out of the rain, cold, wind, sun, etc. Those blankets never stay put though. When I first saw the company Sprout Shell and the products they offer, I thought they looked super cute and useful.

Sprout Shell brings you an infant car seat cover that is not only cute but, unbelievably versatile as well. When I received a Sprout Shell to try out, I was blown away because I hadn't first realized how many uses it had.

The adorable and chic carrier covers from Sprout Shell attach quickly and easily to any infant car seat. What's more, they attach quickly and easily to highchairs and grocery carts! I was ecstatic to find this out. The Sprout Shell is easily rolled or folded up and I can stash it in my purse for quick use at the grocery store. I love it!

Does it get better? Sure does! Slip the Sprout Shell over your head, pop baby underneath and you've got a super easy nursing cover. With the elastic bottom, you're not dealing with a blanket blowing in the breeze.

I'm always a huge fan of versatile products and the Sprout Shell exceeds my expectations for something that can be used from infancy and beyond. My daughter is two and I know we'll be using the Sprout Shell as a grocery cart cover for a while longer. Honestly, it's so well made that I'm quite certain I'll be using it on our next infant carrier and probably the next time I'm nursing as well. Better yet, it's washable!

Leave it to a mom to invent something that I deem worthy of the "make mom's life easier" label. To have one product that does so many things for you, as a mom, is invaluable. Sprout Shell offers lots of cute patterns to choose from and also offers soft and cuddly minky blankets to go with your shell.

You can see all that Sprout Shell has to offer and purchase your own in their online store. Use the code Lolidots15 for a discount on your order!