Snog - (verb): A colloquial British/Australian expression referring to a passionate kiss.

What a genius name for a lip balm! Snog lip balm is a super hydrating balm that is small enough for those little pockets on your jeans. You know. The pockets you never do anything with! Not only is it cute and little, it makes your lips feel amazing. I've personally never been a fan of lip balms or chapsticks or lip gloss of any kind. I will admit that I was wary when I tried Snog. I was wrong! Seriously, I love this stuff. My lips felt so smooth and silky. My favorite is the Virgin Cherry. Not so flavored that it makes you nauseous, but just enough to make you feel sweeter! My hubby immediately swiped the Cheeky Mint Snog and really likes it.

Aside from the amazing way your lips will feel and the convenient size, you've got to check out the back of the packaging. Each Snog package features stories from customers that tell of their best Snog moments. You can find Snog at or

Upper Canada Soap

Along with my Snog I was sent a tube of Naturally body scrub by Upper Canada Soap. Oh, it's wonderful! My skin is soft and smooth. I don't normally have the luxury of a nice long bath or shower (what with two kiddos pounding on the door!), but this body scrub makes up for the time lost!

Here's the cool part- the Naturally line by Upper Canada Soap is completely free of parabens, mineral oils and synthetic dyes. It's all natural and really refreshing.

Upper Canada Soap has been serving it's loyal customers for 40 years. The minds behind the scene are always pushing to come up with the next best thing in bath and body products. The fragrances are phenomenal and the wide assortment of products in unbelievable. And the prices? Fantastic!

You can find Upper Canada Soaps at a variety of online locations, both Canadian based and American based. For a full list of websites click HERE.