Whether you have kids in school, take your lunch to work or like to pack snacks for trips, chances are you use ziplock baggies. I know that we used to use a ton of them and our kids aren't even in school yet. We stopped using those plastic bags a long time ago. For a while, we've opted for reusable tupperware and brown paper sacks. Luckily, I've found something even better for sandwiches and snack storage.

snackTAXI is a company started by a mom of 3 kids who was tired of knowing where the plastic bags from more than 500 lunches per year were ending up. Using local crafters and a home-based workshop, this mom has created a successful product and company that is in it's 7th year of providing an environmentally friendly option to lunch and snack storage. All the materials used in the creation of snackTAXI products are free of lead and phthalates. The exterior of the snackTAXI is made of 100% cotton and they are lined with a waterproof material consisting of nylong with a polyurethane coating. They are washable and extremely durable. You can throw them in the washing machine or just wash them by hand with your dishes and let them air dry.

There are so many different styles to choose from at snackTAXI, as well as different sizes. They offer bulk/produce-sacks, lunch-sacks, sandwich-sacks, snack-sacks and reusable napkins.

The bulk-produce sack is a very neat product. It's made of silicone impregnated nylon and you can keep your produce in it or bulk foods like granola, beans or rice. This sack would be perfect for me at the grocery store. I take my own reusable bags but, don't have anything separate for my produce.

The lunch sacks are made from fabric that is created from recycled soda bottles. I don't know how that is done but, to have a product like this come from recycling bottles is amazing to me. These sacks are nice and big and feature a zippered top closure.

The sandwich sacks are awesome. We were sent one of these along with a snack sack to try out and I absolutely love them both. There are so many different fabrics to choose from for these sacks. You can really incorporate your child's personality into their lunches. Personally, I think that if the lunch kit that is sent with a child to school is appealing and fun then they will enjoy eating it more. The school lunches these days are so far from being adequate nutrition that I highly recommend anything that helps a child want to bring healthy food from home. These sacks from snackTAXI are really well made. I love how big they are once you open them up. One of the snacks in our house that gets opened and then needs something for better storage is Fig Newtons. My son loves to store them in these sacks. The velcro makes it really easy for him to open and close on his own and he gets a lot of joy out of having his snacks in these sacks. I love that they are good for the environment and that I can use them again and again. Both the sandwich sack and the snack sack are also perfect for use when we are in the car. I really like that the placement of the velcro allows for a generous fold over so that the snacks don't spill out the top corners of the bag when it is closed.

I love the reversible, reusable cloth napkins from snackTAXI. They are small enough to throw in a lunch sack and cute enough that I think my kids would actually use them to wipe their faces instead of using their shirts.

I highly recommend snackTAXI and their products to anyone who has ever used a plastic baggy. There are so many things you can use these sacks for and you'll feel really good knowing you aren't contributing more to the landfills. This company is doing wonderful things to promote eco-friendly products and their uses. That's why they are a definite pick for the Eco-Friendly section of the Lolidots Ultimate Gift Guide. You can buy snackTAXI products online HERE or view their retail locations HERE.