I fall all over myself for a new pair of shoes. I don't consider myself "girly" but, when it comes to shoes, I just can't get enough. Because of my un-girly tendencies, most of the zillions of shoes in my closet are flip flops, boots and tennies. Wanting to step outside of my comfort zone, I've been dying to get a pair of amazing heels.

When I opened the box that arrived for me from Simply Soles, I gasped. Loudly. I'm a sucker for cute packaging and the luxurious bag that the shoes were in just sent me spinning.

On pins and needles I opened the bag, already making a mental note of the things I could use the bag for.

I pulled out the shoes and my jaw hit the floor.

The Salma shoes by lillybee are the most gorgeous shoes I've ever had. The fabulously chic pointed toe and gorgeous arch make me absolutely swoon. I am such a fan of versatile clothing and accessories so, when I realized that these heels are both black and brown...double swoon. The black part of the shoes is a rich black suede and the brown tips and heels are lustrous ostrich print. In short, these shoes are h-o-t. They look equally perfect with my dress pants, skirts and even my jeans. I'd bet money that I'll never love another pair of heels as much as my Salma by lillybee pair. Though, the other shoes at Simply Soles could certainly give them a run.

Simply Soles brings high end fashion shoes to everyone by presenting the boutique quality shoes online where we can all access them. Their customer service is tremendous and the return policy for exchanges make it so easy to get a different size. I promise you though, if you purchase shoes from Simply Soles you will be absolutely blown away.

Giving Back.
Simply Soles has teamed with a Washington DC non-profit called Suited for Change, to help provide professional clothing for women transitioning from homeless shelters, jail and/or drug rehab programs. When you buy a pair of shoes from Simply Soles, you can send them a pair of your own professional shoes to donate to their cause and they'll give you 10% off you next order.

You'll find amazing shoes from unbelievable designers around every "corner" of Simply Soles. Whether you need shoes for date night, a board meeting, parent/teacher night, Sunday afternoon in the park or any occasion in between, you'll find a pair you'll fall in love with at Simply Soles.

First time buying a pair of "grown up" shoes, heels or uber trendy shoes? Go for the Salma in black by lillybee. I can't recommend these shoes enough. So versatile, so chic, so gorgeous. They'll make you so happy.

While you're browsing Simply Soles extensive collection, be sure to check out their handbags, kids' shoes and wonderful gifts sections.

Happy Shopping!