My daughter has almost as many pairs of shoes as I do. Really, she's following in my footsteps and she's doing it in some pretty adorable shoes. One of her newest pair of shoes is from Shooshoos. Cute name and cuter shoes.

Shooshoos has been making quality shoes for children for over ten years. Their soft soled baby shoes have won awards and are sold in stores all over the world. The baby shoes and toddler shoes from Shooshoos are all made from 100% safe and non-toxic Nappa leather. The color dyes used in making the vibrant colors are non-toxic and the shoes have an all cotton thread and lining. The elasticized ankles help keep the shoes on little feet and every style is free of laces. The soft soled shoes are non-slip which helps to decrease the spills that first-time walkers experience.

The soft soled baby shoes are available in so many different styles. Each and every pair of baby shoes are absolutely precious. Shooshoos has absolutely created a line of baby shoes that are perfect for every boy and girl. The baby shoes are available in sizes from newborn all the way to 24 months.

The SMILEY soft leather toddler shoes have a light flexi rubber sole and come in a variety of adorable styles for boys and girls size 5-8.  They are all just as cute as the baby shoes.

My daughter has the SMILEY Black Bow shoes and they are wonderful. These toddler shoes are extremely comfortable for her and really well made. The leather is incredibly soft and the flexible sole makes it so easy for my little crazy toddler to run and jump with the greatest of ease. The black patent toe and bows add just the right finishing touches to these adorable shoes.

After seeing the quality of these toddler shoes for myself and witnessing how great they look on my daughter, I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a great shoe for their baby or toddler. I only wish they came in larger sizes so that my daughter would never have to stop wearing them!

Shooshoos soft soled baby shoes and toddler shoes can be purchased from their online store.