Don't you love it when people figure out a way to combine things that you love into one product?! Let's set the scene here. You ease yourself into a nice bubble bath. There are no kids pounding on the door. There is no husband asking where his clean socks are. There are no lists of chores running through your brain. It's just you, the bubble bath, some soothing music and the candles you've lit. Can't get any better? Yes, it can! Imagine that one of those candles is also going to give your skin a natural shimmer and hide your wrinkles and imperfections while hydrating your skin. Too good to be true? Nope. It's a Scandle Candle!

A Scandle is a body candle that burns only 2 degrees above body temperature. It produces a shimmering, fragrant lotion when lit that you can pour on your body to give your skin a healthy and natural glow while hydrating your skin. The scent is phenomenal as well!

Whether you are a professional massage therapist, having an amazing date with the husband or just escaping your day, the Scandle shimmering lotion candle is absolutely a must-have item. Scandles are spa quality candles that are made with natural ingredients. Petroleums and mineral oils are never used and they are 100% Vegan and cruelty free. The natural ingredients in Scandle allow it to burn at such a low heat and produce the most luxurious feeling lotion for your skin. I absolutely love my Scandle.

And, when I say that the scent is phenomenal, I truly mean it. From the moment I took my Scandle out of it's package, I could smell the amazing scent. Just opening the tin is enough of an aroma to relax the body. I rubbed my finger across the cool candle and it felt like I was touching silk. Of course, I was a bit nervous to pour the oil on myself but, I assure you, it is the perfect temperature. My skin feels amazing after I use my Scandle and I absolutely recommend it to everyone. I'm all about unique gifts and I think that a Scandle is absolutely a perfect gift for any occasion. Whether it's a New Mom Gift, Teacher Gift, Friend Gift or just for your significant other, everyone would love getting a Scandle.

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