Scandinavian Child is a company started by a mom who knew the importance of products that are designed to be safe for children without compromising beauty. While on a trip to Sweden, the owner of this amazing company saw for the first time one of the products that she would eventually end up making available to so many more parents. How lucky for us that she saw the Svan high chair and decided to share what she had found.

The products at Scandinavian Child are beyond exquisite. Every brand carried by this company is extraordinary. Every item is of the highest quality and child safety is of the utmost concern. The use of ergonomics and the environmental responsibility of the all the brands offered by Scandinavinan Child is above reproach. The motto "Designs without compromise" makes the efforts behind the scenes perfectly clear. The number one priority of Scandinavian Child is to bring products with exceptional quality without compromising any of the high expectations from their customers. The products from this company truly are some of the best in the world and you can be sure that the mother behind the scenes holds the high expectations she has for her own childrens' belongings to every item she presents.

Scandinavian Child carries several top brands. Svan is one of those. Products from Svan are completely functional but, absolutely elegant. The safety features are amazing and Svan pays special attention to the comfort and healthy development of the children using their products. The Svan High Chair is award winning, Hollywood used and praised and absolutely the sleekest and most unbelievable high chair I have ever seen. I would actually have another child if I had one of these high chairs. That is how wonderful they are! The Svan Scooter is the Scandinavian Child product that we were lucky enough to check out recently. One of the things that I absolutely love about this scooter is it's lack of conformity. The abstract shape and plain wood color really let a child's imagination roam. The scooter itself is very easy for my 2 year old to maneuver and completely enjoyable for my 5 year old. A small child gains motor skills while an older child can simply have a blast on the sturdy construction of this awesome scooter. This Svan Scooter is an absolutely amazing gift for children this holiday season or any time of year.

There are several other amazing brands to explore at Scandinavian Child. I recommend the gorgeous Mini Furniture from Anka, the Cariboo Gentle Motions Bassinet and the Micralite Toro Stroller as some of my personal favorites along with every other amazing item from Scandinavian Child's brands. You can see all the brands offered in the Scandinavian Child's online site.