In today's ever changing world, full of uncertainties, environmental tragedy and economic turmoil, there are people who are standing up and showing others that we can make a difference. The world is changing and that is undeniable. How we deal with it will shape our future and define our present. Standing up in the face of the injustices being thrown against our world and our people, one company is living the old saying "They best revenge is living well."

Revenge Is...Buying Green, Living Green. We all know that being environmentally responsible is imperative to reversing some of the devastating effects our modern society has had on our Earth. "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" has become a common mantra heard everywhere. When we make the choices to live "green" we are showing others that we care and they can as well. The people behind Revenge Is... are committed to bringing environmentally friendly products to the marketplace that help you to set an example to all those around you.

The eco-friendly clothing from Revenge Is... is all made with sustainable fabrics like organic cotton and polyster created from recycled plastic bottles. The organic cotton used is 100% certified organic and made with no harmful chemicals. What does this mean for our Earth? Unlike the pesticide soaked cotton used to make a majority of clothing, the cotton used for Revenge Is... shirts contains none. No possible remnants left on the shirt, no pollution made in the growing and no possibility for sickness around the farms. In addition to the organic cotton, Revenge Is... uses RPET in the clothing. What is RPET? It's recycled plastic bottles that are used in the manufacturing of a number of products. RPET products require less energy to manufacture which reduces toxic emissions and creates less pollution. The result of using organic cotton and RPET to create clothing is a shirt that is amazingly soft and silky. That's a fact that I can undoubtedly vouch for. When I first felt the child's tee from Revege Is..., I couldn't believe how soft it was.

I own bamboo clothing that isn't as soft as this tee from Revenge Is...

I own very expensive clothing that isn't as high quality as this tee from Revenge Is...

I own environmentally friendly clothing that doesn't make as big of a statement as the clothing from Revenge Is...

Revenge Is... says they are "making activism fashionable". I wholeheartedly agree. The high quality clothing you'll find in their online store is definitely fashionable and, thanks to their eco-friendly manufacturing, definitely comfortable.

Revenge Is... has an excellent product selection of clothing for men, women and children, reusable shopping bags made of 100% PET polyester and travel mugs that exceed the high expectations from such an environmentally conscious company.

For a company like Revenge Is..., efforts to educate go far beyond eco-friendly clothing. Revenge Is... takes it's commitments seriously and wants to help everyone be inspired to take action and inspire others to do the same. Revenge Is... believes that collectively, we can make a difference. I absolutely agree with them. The Revenge Is... newsletter is always chock full of tips, information and products to help all of us be better to our Earth and our neighbors.

The eco-friendly products from Revenge Is... are amazing but, the company is even more than that. Companies like Revenge Is... that are spending every day to promote awareness, educate, donate and make the world a better place...well, it seems to me that Revenge well and looking good doing it.