I got a shirt recently that I really don't ever want to take off. I have a closet full of soft tees, tagless tees, vintage tees and more. They are all very cute and most are really soft. None of them can measure up to the tshirt that I have from Purple Pig.

Purple Pig Shirts are yoga inspired tees with inspirational sayings and images that remind us to remain centered. Some of the shirts are made from organic cotton, which adds to the good feeling. Knowing you are doing something good for the environment while adding something stylish to your wardrobe is a good feeling. The sheer, soft and flexible fabric that these shirts are made from is amazing. The Peace Splash shirt that I have is tissue thin and almost indescribably comfortable. I feel so good when I wear this tee. The length is nice and long and I can't wait to layer a long sleeve tee under it this winter. The colors are rich and vibrant and the design quality is wonderful. The great thing about the selection of shirts is that there are many different styles and fits. If you would rather have a more classic fitting tee then you could choose the OHM shirt. Many of the shirts, such as the Ohm Flower or the Namaste Pumpkin are of the longer length. The men's Namaste tee is 100% pre-shrunk cotton and has a nice athletic fit. The Spirit tee is wonderful for any yoga lover. The tee reads "Yoga strengthens the body, focuses the mind, and releases your spirit." The Purple Pig shirt is cute and whimsical. The pig doing yoga is adorable. Another of the classic fit tees, it would be great for yoga class. While the yoga tees are beautifully designed, I'm really happy that there are so many tees at Purple Pig that are for those who don't practice yoga.

The Purple Pig designs are all hand drawn. It's a wonderful touch to these already great shirts. I'm excited to see what styles this new and already successful company will come up with in the future. With more men's tees, long sleeve tees, sweatshirts and children's tees coming soon, Purple Pig's future is bright. I highly recommend these shirts for everyone, whether you are a yoga lover or not. These tees would make wonderful gifts for anyone. They are amazing and I'd love to have more of them.