We have spent countless amounts of money on the batteries for our childrens' toys. The bigger the toy, the bigger the battery and the more expensive. I've often wondered how much money we could save if we could power their toys on their own energy. The inventors of the PlasmaCar are one step ahead of me.

When it comes to outdoor ride-on toys it can be difficult to find something that is simple enough for a 2 year old but, fun enough for an older child. The pedals are inevitably too small or too big. The motor powered toys aren't really safe for a very small child. The toys that need to be pushed with their feet are only fun for a few minutes. PlasmaCar by PlaSmart solves all of these problems.

The PlasmaCar is a ride-on toy made for everyone. Using inertia, centrifugal force, gravity and friction, the makers of the PlasmaCar have created a toy that is easy to operate and that runs on that never ending power source known as our childrens' energy. These cars are so easy to use. They are also very simple to assemble. I cannot tell you how many toys we've had for our kids that were nearly impossible to get out of the packages and to assemble. Once assembled, the PlasmaCar is easy for any aged child to operate. Simply turn the steering wheel left to right repeatedly. This action is what makes the car go. My 5 year old son realized quickly that the smoother he moved the wheel, the faster and smoother his ride. My 2 year old daughter also found the PlasmaCar incredibly easy and fun. To stop the car you just stop moving the steering wheel. The car is low enough to the ground to prevent any really nasty spills and be easy to stop. It's also made from durable plastic and features rubber gripping where you place your feet.

PlasmaCar also comes in a variety of colors so every child can pick their favorite. My kids are often the envy of the neighborhood when they are out riding their PlasmaCar. I really think the sleek design that makes it look very much like a racecar or even a bit like a helicopter draws the childrens' eyes right to it. The colors are nice and bright as well, which makes it easy to keep a parental watch eye on them.

Unlike other ride-on toys I'm not at all worried that my children will outgrow this car anytime soon. I'm also not in the slightest bit worried about rust or any other time erosion that happens so often with those toys we spend so much money on. I truly believe that this PlasmaCar, with it's high-quality plastics and generous weight limit, will be a staple toy in our collection for many years to come.

PlasmaCars are available in retailers nationwide or at http://plasmacar.com.