My son starts kindergarten in less than two weeks. We've started the Back to School shopping slowly but, surely. One of the top items for all of us mommy shoppers will be the perfect lunchbox. I clearly remember my lunchbox from every year of elementary school. Picking out the lunchbox was the most fun part of the Back to School shopping. I knew I wanted my son to have a fun lunchbox but, wanted something a little different than what all the other kids would have and something that eliminates the need for all the plastic bag waste throughout the year is a total plus.

Then I found PlanetBox.

PlanetBox lunchboxes are inspired by the Japanese Bento boxes but, designed to be larger. The stainless steel used to make a PlanetBox is high quality, 300 and 400 series food-grade that is safe, non-toxic and non-leaching. The separate compartments of the PlanetBox allow you to pack a waste-free lunch. Instead of using plastic baggies and containers that aren't environmentally friendly, the PlanetBox offers compartments that are perfect for keeping the sandwich, fruits, veggies, chips, snacks and other items separate from each other. Sandwiches stay unsquished, chips stay uncrunched and all the food has it's own place in the PlanetBox. There are even "Big and Little Dipper" containers for yogurts and dips. The PlanetBox is dishwasher safe and completely customizable with fun magnets that kids can use to decorate the outside.

I love absolutely everything about the PlanetBox. So does my son. He's seen all the lunchboxes at the stores that are plastered with characters from his favorite movies and tv shows. Those are designed to lure a child with the fancy images but, when my son saw the PlanetBox, he was ecstatic and absolutely loves it. He thinks it's the coolest lunchbox he's ever seen and cannot wait to use it. He and I both love how easy it is for him to open the outer latch and he's already thinking up things to put in all the compartments and pockets of the carrying bag.

The Carry Bag for the PlanetBox  is just as amazing as the lunchbox itself. I love that, once unzipped, the PlanetBox is easily opened and my son won't have to remove it from the Carry Bag. The outside of the bag has a stretchy pocket to hold a drink bottle. The fabric helps to keep the bottle insulated. The other pocket has a hook and loop closure and holds snack foods or the Big or Little Dipper cups. The inner mesh pouch is perfect for napkins, utensils or a cold pack.

I absolutely highly recommend PlanetBox. They are my top pick for Back to School necessitites. Even if you aren't sending kids back to school, these lunchboxes are perfect for everyone. My husband wants his own for carrying his lunch to work. When you add up the amount you'll spend on lunchboxes and plastic baggies for the rest of your child's school days, it makes so much more sense to invest in a PlanetBox that they can use forever.

You can get all the items PlanetBox offers, the PlanetBox, the Carry Bag, extra magnets and sets of all the items from the PlanetBox online store.