My kids have so many stuffed animals, it's amazing. They are really taking over the room and they are everywhere. They are played with and then tossed aside. Some are shown a little more love but, aside from a little play time here and there, they are mostly just in the way and don't really have much of a function in the room other than taking up the top bunk.

Apparently I'm not the only mom with this problem. In 2003, a mom decided to do something about it and created a line of children's stuffed animals that are not only super cute and cuddly but, very functional. Pillow Pets are sweet animals that fold open to the size of a standard pillow. The Pillow Pets are irresistable. They are so soft and every animal is adorable. With a quick flip of velcro they pop open and a child can go from playing with their pet to sleeping on it as a pillow. This is seriously a genius idea. The velcro is easy enough for the child to do and the pillow quickly goes back into a stuffed animal toy.

My daughter has a penguin Pillow Pet. She drags that thing everywhere. It's been such a big hit that I'm absolutely getting one for my son. I love how many different animals there are to choose from and I love the price. So many times these days I find myself needing to get a gift for a child and not spend a boatload of money. Pillow Pets knows how important it is to parents to find affordable gifts. Pillow Pets are a mere $20 and currently only $15.95 for additional pets. They are a great gift for a child of any age and with all the different animals available, you'll find one for every child's personality type.

In addition to the Pillow Pet pillows, you'll also find that you can get these super cute animals as blankets and backpacks. The blankets are soft and feature the animals head at one end for use as a pillow or to hang on to while covering up. The backpacks are just as precious as everything else and just as functional.

Really, the best part of these sweet and silly products is how functional they are while they are making your children happy. I'd love to replace every pillow and stuffed animal in my kids' rooms with Pillow Pets!