Funny name? Maybe. Seriously cool? Definitely.

"Oh Plah!" is French for "Here you go!" but, for us moms it should translate as "Here's something really stylin' that your baby can't mess up!". The Oh Plah! bracelet from Roundhouse is my new fave in Mommy Accessories.

 I can remember so many times that I either had to surrender my jewelry to being played with by my kids or just forgo all the cute accessories because I didn't want them playing with the stuff. The Oh Plah! bracelet solves the problem. With it's stylish design, even those without babies will want to wear one. It's made from medical grade thermoplastic- non-toxic, bacteria resistant, and free of lead, latex, PVC, BPA and phthalates. What does that mean? It means that you look rockin' wearing something that you can hand off to the babe to play with and chew on while not having to worry about them ruining your accessory or hurting themselves on it. The Oh Plah! bracelet is flexible, extremely durable and washes easily with soap and water. Did I mention they are supah cute? And, they aren't just for moms. My rocker hubby loves that the Synchronicity bracelet we received just looks like a really cool cuff.

The Oh Plah! bracelets from Roundhouse are the absolute perfect baby shower gift. Never know what to get the cool new dad? Definitely one of these bracelets!

Roundhouse, the Mom-owned company behind these fantastic accessories, is a business that knows what parents want, need and deserve. Along with the Oh Plah! bracelets, they also offer one of the best baby slings I've seen on the market today. I'm loving this company and their products and highly recommend the Oh Plah! bracelets and the Roundhouse Baby Carrier.

You can snag your style back by purchasing an Oh Plah! bracelet HERE.