MellyRoo Designs is the craft child of one amazing woman. Sara over at MellyRoo creates all of her designs and is always coming up with more products and more fantabulous ideas! Lollipops and Polka Dots is lucky enough to be a boutique that offers Sara's items. She's always got new stuff over on her blog too.

Sara sent me some pop-up straw cups for my kiddos. These are the coolest cups I've ever gotten. Not only did she do amazing work with my endless custom ordering (TRex is a bit of a superhero nut, not to mention pirates and dragons) but, every time I sent her a question she sent me the design back really fast. I'm obsessed with these cups. I've got tons of ideas in my head for new inserts for my kids' cups.

The cups are high quality and there are tons of cup styles to choose from. I also ordered a photo book for my grandmother and they are just fantastic! Not to be left out, I chose a design for myself on one of the mini travel tumblers. It's my favorite coffee cup. And anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that a coffee cup will get tons of use!!

This is definitely a "Crafty Mom" with a lot on her plate. Oh, did I mention her super cute customizable melamine plates? She's got it all!

So, here's Snappy and TRex enjoying their cups!


For younger kids you can choose the sippy cups or for older kids go ahead and get the sport spout. These straw cups are just perfect for my little crazies!

Check out the MellyRoo page of our boutique HERE
and check out Sara's blog HERE