My whole life I have been blessed with incredibly thick hair. Despite the thickness, I've always been concerned with how much hair I lose, especially in the shower. I worry that someday it will catch up to me and I will see a thinning of my hair. In addition to my hair, I've always had thick nails. My nails seem to grow quickly but, because of that, they break often. I've always taken vitamin supplements but, have recently discovered something that is amazing for hair and nails.

Millet oil is a popular supplement proven to be good for the skin, hair and nails. The unique process of extracting oil from gold millet is exclusive to a company called Hirsana. They have created a vitamin supplement that has combined the amazing effects of millet oil with the proven benefits of several other essential vitamins. Each Hirsana capsule contains 200mg of pure gold millet oil. They also contain vitamin E, vitamin B6, thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, biotin and zinc. These vitamins are essential parts of supporting a healthy metabolism, nervous system, formation of blood cells and the build up of protein produced in the body. All of the elements in Hirsana capsules are proven to have major benefits. These capsules support skin functions, strengthen the hair, boost the strength and lustre of finger nails and provide an overall support to the nutrients needed in keeping the skin, hair, nails and body healthy.

After reading the ingredients I was absolutely willing to give Hirsana capsules a try. Within two weeks I started to notice that my nails seemed shinier and I was losing less hair in the shower. My energy levels were up and I just felt healthier. My normal vitamin supplements didn't include the millet oil or the extra E and B6. I know those two vitamins are important and like that the Hirsana capsules contain them. Because Hirsana is a natural vitamin supplement, it is  suitable to take long term. I can only imagine how great the effects would be after several months of regular use. I saw effects after such a short time that I'm certain the long term effects would be amazing. When taken regularly, I know how wonderful vitamins can be for health and beauty. Hirsana has definitely succeeded in creating a unique supplement that is effective in strengthening and improving the hair, skin and nails. I'm a fan and recommend these supplements.

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