When I was a kid, I loved family game night. My brother and I played board games all the time and when we played them as a family, it was such a fun treat. Now that I'm a mom, family game night is a tradition I definitely want to create with my kids. It's harder when they are really young but, with my son turning 6 this month, our game choices are getting larger and more fun for us all. Luckily, Hasbro keeps the classic games there for us and raises the bar with new games and redone versions of the classics that are just as much fun.

Hasbro recently sent us Guesstures, Taboo and Electronic Catch Phrase. With Tabbo and Catch Phrase we finally have some incredibly fun games to play when we have adult friends over. Taboo is one of my favorite games of all time. It's the game where you have to get your partner or team to guess the key word or phrase but, you've got a list of things you cannot say. Super fun! Catch Phrase is another fun game of phrase guessing with fewer restrictions. The electronic version is fast paced and incredibly fun. I love the electronic version of Catch Phrase for a fun road trip game!

The big winner in our house is Guesstures. My son has been doing charades for a while. It's something he figured out and started doing randomly to make his own little game out of asking us for something or telling us something. He didn't realize he was doing charades until we got this game though. The new version of Guesstures is even more fun than before. I love how all the words are fairly easy to act out, even for my son. The action timer on the game makes it even more fun and has you racing the clock to act our your word in time. We played this for a while one night and we were all cracking up and had such an amazing time.

I've always loved Hasbro and I know I'm not alone in my love. Hasbro is a family favorite for so many and always a good idea when looking for toys and games that kids will love. There are truly endless possibilities for fun when you choose a Hasbro toy or game. And, if you haven't started a family game night in your house then do it now! Build those memories that will last a lifetime, become a closer family and have fun with Hasbro! You can purchase Hasbro games online or in many stores nationwide. Check their site for a store nearest you!