For over 40 years, Guidecraft has been specializing in bringing educational toys and furnishings to parents and kids that are entertaining and some of the highest quality toys I've seen.

The selection of educational toys and furnishings at Guidecraft is beyond impressive. Each and every item is obviously made with care and the core principles of Guidecraft are apparent in all they do.

My children recently became the lucky owners of a few amazing toys from Guidecraft.

The Flower Match Garden Patch is a manipulative toy that teaches matching, patterns and creativity. My daughter is almost three and this is one of her favorite toys. Kids match up flower petals and stems using the easy to follow laminated pattern guides. The self-propping board with pegs and velcro elements hold their selections securely in place as the child follows the patterns or creates their own flowers. I love that this toy is teaching my daughter while also allowing her imagination to grow and nurturing her creativity. I also love the durability and the wooden case that doubles as the playing surface. Clean up is easy and all the pieces are stored nicely in the case. I think this toy is excellent for any child and if you have a home daycare, this is a perfect addition to your toy shelf.

Really, as wonderful as Guidecraft is for all kids, I am now whole-heartedly recommending them to all the women I know who run daycares in or out of their home. The durable toys are just perfect for that type of educational setting. Homeschooling moms will love Guidecraft as well! Gear up for the start of school by adding Guidecraft toys to your summer playtime!

There are so very many products to choose from at Guidecraft and browsing them is a breeze with their easy to navigate categories.

You can purchase the Flower Match Garden Patch and hundreds of other toys and furnishings from the online store at Guidecraft.

Look to Lolidots in the very near future for more reviews and a fun giveaway from Guidecraft!