What is Funky Green Machine?

No. It's not a new superhero. Well, maybe it is. Superheroes save people in danger. Our earth is in danger and Funky Green Machine joins the ranks of companies that now offer only organic, natural and cruellty free products. Funky Green Machine's other super power? The eco-friendly products they provide are unbelievably hip and trendy.

One look at the home page of Funky Green Machine tells you they aren't like most companies. Funky Green Machine is all about fun, modern, stylish clothing, accessories and gear for the whole family while remaining environmentally responsible. The children's clothing is made from natural organic cotton. The inks used in the printing on the clothing is non-toxic. Clothing from tomat is made in the USA and sweatshop free. Shirts from Tiny Revolutionary are washed with biodegradeable detergents. Zoe and Sprout brand onesies are made in a fair labor and fair trade environment in India. All of the clothing brands that Funky Green Machine carries are actively taking steps to make this world a better place.

Bath and Beauty products for baby are made by The Spoiled Baby and are certified vegan, toxin-free and contain no artificial fragrances or dyes. The organic ingredients are sure to soothe even the most sensitive skin. The Spoiled Mama scrubs and soaps are gentle enough to use everyday and their natural ingredients make them wonderfully effective.

Cleaning the home, especially with kids around, is an area where people are starting to see the extreme need for a product that is effective while being safe for people and our environment. Funky Green Machine carries Charlie's Soap, an all-purpose cleaner that is non-toxic, eco-friendly and biodegradable. The laundry powder by Charlie's Soap is so concentrated that only one tablespoon per load is necessary. While being extremely effective and concentrated, this powder is hypoallergenic and dissolves completely. It is perfect for babies and anyone with sensitive skin.

Even the beloved family pets can experience the wonder of products that are good for them and the environment. The doggie treats from Olive are made from fresh, natural, organic ingredients. These treats are good for Fido and contain tons of the good stuff and none of the bad! More of a cat person? Try the Organic Catnip Leaf by West Paw Design. Made in the USA and certified organic, your cat will love this stuff.

Funky Green Machine's website is easy to navigate with all of the categories clearly laid out and cleverly broken down. The amount of different products for so many different needs is impressive. In an age where the future of our earth can seem uncertain, it's nice to know there are products like these and a company like Funky Green Machine to gather them all in one place.