I got a new cooking appliance recently that I absolutely love. The Cuisinart Rice Plus Multi-Cooker is a complete cooking system. This appliance is practically fool-proof and definitely makes cooking easier. I have a slow cooker but, it doesn't steam rice. I have a vegetable steamer but, it doesn't cook soup. Every time I cook rice on the stove I either undercook it or it burns on the bottom. The Cuisinart Rice Plus Multi-Cooker has pre-programmed options for cooking every kind of rice, risotto, oatmeal, slow cooking, steaming and soup.

This product is the first from Cuisinart to use a technology called fuzzy logic. This system senses fluctuations in cooking and automatically adjusts to ensure the perfect result every time. The pre-programmed settings include cooking six types of rice and a variety of other things. I love that I can steam vegetables, cook rice, soup or oatmeal all in one appliance. I also really like that when the cooking cycle is over it automatically switches to Keep Warm and will stay that way for up to 24 hours. That's a nice feature.

Everything that comes with the Cuisinart Rice Plus Multi-Cooker is fantastic. The cooking pot that goes inside the cooker is non-stick inside and out. This made clean up a breeze. I also really ike that the steam release and the inner lid come out for easy cleaning. Every removable part is dishwasher safe but, for those of us without dishwashers, the non-stick feature is really nice.

The instruction booklet that comes along with the cooker is full of tasty and easy recipies. I like that the recipes are all full of fresh and healthy ingredients. I would never have dreamt of trying to make my own sushi but, with this cooker and the easy to follow recipes, I have a feeling I'll be trying it soon. The recipe that I did try was amazingly easy to make and was scrumptious. I made the Brown Rice with Black Beans and Tomatoes recipe and it turned out perfect. The rice was cooked just right and the flavor was unbelievable. I am very anxious to try some of the other recipes and really like how many there are in the booklet.

All in all, I give the Cuisinart Rice Plus Multi-Cooker a definite thumbs up for putting so many different cooking functions in one appliance and being so user friendly. The display lights up and the settings are very clearly marked. I like that you can use the pre-programmed settings or use the simple settings layed out in the instruction book for setting your own times. The instruction manual really covers everything and is a handy companion to this convenient cooker. The only thing I would wish for is that the inner cooking pot had a lid for easy storage of leftovers. Aside from that, this cooker is definitely a great addition to any cook's kitchen. I imagine I will be using it often, especially headed into the holiday cooking season.

The Cuisinart Rice Plus Multi-Cooker can be purchased from Cuisinart.com and select retailers nationwide.