I'm doing quite a few Back to School features this month and next. This is my first year having a child heading to school and I love sharing the products that I'm finding while doing my shopping.

Of course, one of my favorite online shopping destinations, CSN Stores, is absolutely the perfect source for so many must-have Back to School items.

Kids need so much stuff once they start school. The endless list of school supplies is enough to make any mom sweat. Then, add the clothes, the shoes, the backpack, the lunchbox and all the other fun stuff to the list and you've got a looooong day of shopping ahead of you. The best thing to do is sit back with a cup of coffee and order all you need online. One of the great places to do all that shopping is CSN Stores.

With over 200 stores and over 1 million products, you'd think shopping at CSN Stores would take forever. Instead, shopping is a breeze through their easily maneuvered categories and simple search engine. Find the store you want and quickly find the products you need.

I have reviewed and purchased so many different items from CSN Stores. Some of my favorite shoes, appliances and kid toys in the house have come from different CSN Stores sites. Every single time I browse through their stores, I find something I needed and dozens of things I want. I've been wanting a breakfast nook table or breakfast cart with stools for a while and after being shown the bistro sets at CSN Stores, I am enamored with so many of them. They are just one on the long list of items on my Wish List.

Don't forget, one thing those school kids are going to need at home is a good desk to sit at while they do all that homework. This P'kolino desk is one of the coolest I've seen and I'd love to get it for my son.

Whether you are Back to School shopping, remodeling the house, looking for a gift or anything else, your first stop should be CSN Stores.