A friend of mine has been having some problems lately with her one year old sleeping through the night, rather, not sleeping through the night. She's been at her wit's end and has tried so many things but, the little one just gave up on sleeping through the night. About a week ago, I gave her a Sleep Sheep & Friends™ Aroma Pillow from Cloud B.

She called me two days later to gush about how amazing the pillow is. After weeks of sleepless nights, she put the pillow in her son's crib the night after I gave it to her. She woke the next morning and realized that her son hadn't woken during the night.

Any mom will tell you that one of the most valuable things is the gift of sleep. My friend was ecstatic and amazed at what the Sleep Sheep & Friends™ Aroma Pillow had done for her and her son. I was not surprised but, extremely happy for her.

Why wasn't I surprised? Because Cloud B products are amazing. Because Cloud B is a company that is dedicated to helping children of all ages sleep better. Their products are award-winning and have been developed in consultation with an Advisory Board of pediatricians and specialists. Their products reflect their mission and live up to their promise. Cloud B's products are made of the finest materials and are extremely high quality. It's obvious that Cloud B knows how important sleep is to children and their parents.

The Sleep Sheep & Friends™ Aroma Pillows from Cloud B are adorable stuffed animals that open and lay flat to create a comfy pillow. Every Friend includes a removable scented pouch that is filled with an aromatherapy lavender blend. The size of the Sleep Sheep & Friends™ Aroma Pillows is pediatrician recommended and perfect for use in the home or on the go. I love that these pillows come with an outer case that is machine washable and that the scent pouch is removable. I've known for a long time about the calming effects of lavender. These pillows are an obvious choice for sleeping children.

Aside from the Sleep Sheep & Friends™ Aroma Pillows, Cloud B carries several other amazing products. Animals like Gentle Giraffe™, Dozy Dolphin On The Go™, and Sleep Sheep are cute plush animals that contain sound boxes that play white noise or other soothing sounds. Twilight Ladybug™ and Twilight Turtle are plush toys that have shells that illuminate in colors and project a starry nighttime sky onto the ceiling and walls. In addition, Cloud B carries swaddling accessories, burp cloths and blankets all made from bamboo to give them the softest touch for you and baby.

I'm a big fan of Cloud B. You've probably seen their products on shows like The Today Show and in publications everywhere. This company is definitely a leader in sleep and comfort for infants, babies, toddlers and parents. I highly recommend all of their amazing products and think anything in their product selection would be a perfect gift for new moms or parents having trouble with sleeping kids.

You can learn more about this fantastic company and purchase Cloud B products from their online site.