California Baby is a company that carries an amazing line of skin smoothers and soothers. Their lotions and creams are so luxurious. The products from California Baby were specially designed and formulated for babies and children but, have grown increasingly popular for adults as well. After trying one of the products, I can see why.

The Botanical Moisturizing Cream is a soothing lotion that is perfect for every part of the body. It's not greasy at all and absorbs quickly and completely. The scent is unbelievable. The lavender in the cream is so calming and fragrant while also adding to the antibacterial and healing properties. I love that the anti-bacterial oils help keep germs at bay while providing a satin soft feel of your skin. Normally, anti-bacterial gels and soaps can dry your skin out. This cream is so soothing and moisturizing. My daughter loves it and I like that it's sensitive enough for us all to use on any part of our bodies.

California Baby carries plenty of other fantastic products to help your skin this winter. The Calendula Cream contains pot marigold (Calendula) which is considered to be "Nature's First Aid". This means that the cream can be very beneficial with diaper rash, cradle cap and eczema. It also restores cell rejuvenation when used as an overnight cream.

The Aloe Vera Cream has the soothing and healing power of the natural aloe vera plant while also containing the moisturizing power of a good lotion. The key ingredient in this cream is 100% certified organically grown aloe vera, yucca, rosewater and calendula. Because of the aloe vera, this cream is great for treating burns and using after shaving.

The lotions from California Baby include an Everyday Lotion for super sensitive skin. It contains vitamin E, aloe and cold-pressed vegetable oils. The Calming Everyday Lotion also contains French Lavender to get the super calming effect. You'll also find a multitude of other products on the California Baby website. Aside from the skin care they also carry products for your hair, suncare, diaper care, bug spray and so many other amazing items.

All the products from California Baby are free of synthetic fragrances, numbing agents and harsh chemicals. They are all made from only the healthiest and most beneficial natural ingredients for your skin. Every item is safe and effective while being cruelty free. California Baby is also a member of the Organic Trade Association. Their products are certified organic and so good for your skin. I love the cream I've tried from California Baby and I recommend all their products, especially during the dry winter months.

California Baby products are available at Whole Foods stores, specialty stores nationwide and in their online store.