Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. When the mother of invention is also a mother of a messy toddler, amazing idea are born. Boon Inc. began with Rebecca Finell's need to solve her unorganized and messy bathtub for her toddler. The Frog Pod was her first wonderful invention and, thankfully, she didn't stop there.

Boon Inc.'s toys and accessories for babies and kids are all quite amazing. I love the modern designs of the products. The toys and gear are all very pleasing to the eye while being fully functional and fun. It's absolutely obvious that a parent is the driving mind behind these products. The bath items like the Bug Pod are not only designed to keep all the toys in one spot but, there's also a place to put your soap and shampoo. Genius.

, the spout cover serves so many functions. While diverting the water to create a more gentle waterfall, it also protects against injury and serves as a bubble bath dispenser.

As a very busy mom, I'm always tackling (or attemting to) the battle against the unorganized messes. I'm asounded at Boon Inc.'s many offerings to help with my organizational issues. The Wall or Countertop Organizer called Stash is so perfect for so many things. The organizer can hang on a wall for perfect little cubby holes or sit on a countertop. While perfect for baby accessories like pacifiers and bottles in the nursery, I can think of so many other places I could use this. I'm also mesmerized by the Animal Bag. This is the single coolest invention I've ever seen for storing stuffed animals, one of our main problems in the kids' room. The plush and zippered bag has see-through windows and once it is stuffed, voila, you've got a comfy seat! I've got to have one or a million of these!

Boon Inc.
sent us a very cool product to try out. My daughter is 2 and, while she is perfectly capable of using "big kid" cups, we still revert to cups with lids for the darker colored drinks or while we are in the vehicle. Fluid, Boon's Toddler Cup, has such a cool design. The child can easily grab and hold the cup and the spout is angled, making it easier to drink from. I admit, I was wary of a lid that doesn't screw on. To remove you pull it off and it pops back on. In our world, cups quite often find themselves being thrown and shaken. This lid is not going anywhere. It has a very nice and tight closure. I also like that there is no inner valve pieces to clean. Like most parents, I am thouroughly reassured by the fact that this cup is BpA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free. Plus, it comes in some really fun colors.

For modern toys and gear that are stylish and provide wonderful function and enjoyment, I would highly recommend Boon Inc.